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Postby neokla-t-s » Sat Jul 10, 2004 6:49 pm

The results for the 3 RoadRacing events at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit are now posted on MyLaps.com. This includes the Drivers School / Regional event in April, and the May and July Regional / National events. Be advised these are not official results, as some times may be inaccurate due to non-functioning transponders, subsequent corrections based on back-up systems, and steward's actions.

It is a simple procedure to upload these results. The requirements are a registered version of the Orbits transponder software with the appropriate race database loaded, and an internet connection. The MyLaps button on the menu bar will do the rest. You must be registered as an organization on the MyLaps system (simple process).

If any Timing/Scoring personnel using the Orbits system is reading this, I would be interested in knowing your thoughts on the appropriate way to generate hardcopy official race results at the track for distribution to the drivers. The standard Orbits race result format doesn't provide a way to get all of the required driver data fields on the sheet. The "SCCA Patch" doesn't seem to work, as it outputs the internally generated hexadecimal Orbits registration number instead of data field #4 (Region). How are other tracks handling this?

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