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Postby bubba » Tue Aug 15, 2006 6:36 am

Nebraska's newest race track opens this coming Friday, 8-18-06 with a test day prior to the RMVR event on Saturday and Sunday. RMVR will allow SCCA licensed club drivers to run the new track both days for 180.00. The cost of the test day is 100.00.

They will allow less than fully credentialed drivers on Sunday only.

The track is fabulous. Asphalt seams are litterally seamless. The track flows nicely and is extremely challenging. It has tire walls, armco and gravel traps. It seems to be quite fast and safe. I think lap times will be about 10 seconds faster than MAM.

You will need slightly deeper gearing than at MAM. I typically run a 373 rear gear at MAM and found it to be too much for MPH. I think 410 is the ticket for my car there.

Unfortunately I will not be able to find out this weekend as I spun rod bearings at the track on Saturday last week. It is not a bad thing at all to be among the few that were able to run the course for the first few laps.

George Andreson has done a world class job building this facility. It is a keeper. If you haven't explored his web site yet, it is
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