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Postby bldn10 » Mon Jul 30, 2007 6:12 pm

The Mid-South Region is co-sponsoring a double Regional event w/ the Atlanta Region from the SE Div. on 9/1-2. Although we will be running w/ the SE cars, we are running our own races. And Mid-Am points will be awarded according to your Mid-Am finish no matter how many (if any) SE cars are ahead of you. There is also Pro-IT race in which you can actually WIN MONEY!

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Postby tnord » Tue Jul 31, 2007 6:57 am

what a joke.

i don't know who's brilliant scheme this was, but the very few regional only people that do run are now split up between two races on the same weekend. not to mention we already have too many events on the calendar, and are further slicing up the pie. meaning NO ONE gets a decent share, and all regions lose money. :roll:
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Postby FireballPhil » Tue Jul 31, 2007 9:50 am

Mr. tnord,

The "brilliant scheme" that you reference was mine along with the competition director of the Atlanta region. I don't understand what you are complaining about, you never venture out of your immediate area anyway. I agree, that most drivers on the west side of the Midiv stay there and that most drivers on the east side stay here, therefore I offer them a choice.

If we lose money it won't be because we didn't try something new. We were getting stagnant. This is the 3rd different event this year that my region has tried. Why? Because membership is down and we are trying to build it back up as well as trying to attract younger members. So far, we are batting 0.500 in the new events.

I don't like battling someone on an open forum like this so I invite you Mr. tnord to look me up at an upcoming race. I will be at STL crewing for an EP and an FP car, both Miatas. The stewards all know me there and can direct you to me. Also, the is a real good chance that I will be at HPT the following weekend. I will either be working as a steward or in tech. Frank and Dale both know me as well as the stewards there. I welcome the opportunity to chat with you at either of those two races.

Have a great day,

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Postby tnord » Tue Jul 31, 2007 11:59 am

the following response is not so much towards you specifically phil, as i've heard nothing but good things about you. i also applaud you for at least putting forth your time and effort to the club. the following response is directed towards anyone and everyone involved with scheduling. i would absolutely be happy to speak with you at topeka, or at STL for the bonus race.

i don't have to travel outside of my immediate area because we have so many races on the schedule that there's no need for me to go that far if i want to race.

why would i haul 10hrs+ down to memphis or nashville, and spend an extra couple hundred in fuel costs when i can wait a week or two and go to a race within a couple hours tow of KC?

there's plenty of races on the schedule. so if i'm trying to run for a divisional championship, i can get all 6 of my points races without traveling very far, and leave my little area only once a year for the bonus race.

we've got FIFTEEN! regional points scoring races in this division, throw in two more single nationals at topeka, the runoffs, and the june sprints and you've got yourself 19 stinkin weekends. if my memory serves me correctly MiDiv is tied for 2nd with either the SE or NE for most races hosted by a division, and we've probably got 1/2 the population base to draw from.

in 10 weeks time from June 16th to Aug 18th we've got 7 race weekends scheduled. there aren't a whole lot of people that can afford to run that much, so people do what i do. they stay home for the races far away, and they participate at the ones close to home. not to mention we're putting a HUGE strain on our worker/volunteer contingent.

there's a fixed money pie available to the division, we've sliced it up too many times, and money losing events are not uncommon. i fail to see how adding this race in Nashville does us any good.

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