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2009 Permanent Numbers

Postby spitfire4gp » Fri Jan 02, 2009 3:10 pm

:D It is again time for the annual review of the MiDiv Permanent Number process.

:lol: A. The 2009 �Number Season� is under way. Letters went out Dec. 26 to all MiDiv competition license holders listed by the SCCA National office (including National, Regional, Logbook and Vintage). Letters also went to any number holder that owned a number in 2008 but was not on the list acquired from SCCA.

:) B. The letter also contains info for 2009 Mid-Am registration, and so also went to any 2008 Mid-Am driver not on SCCA�s current list.

:P C. The current number list is posted on the MiDiv Website -- www.midiv.org, click on �Numbers.� It shows both available numbers and those owned in 2008 being held for renewal.

8) D. Drivers who owned a permanent number in 2008 and ran a minimum of three Midwest Division events during the year, your permanent number will be held until February 28th for you to renew or release.

:? E. Anyone may call or e-mail me and request a one-week hold on any available number. This is to allow time to get the forms to you and for you to get the check back to me. All drivers who owned a number in 2008 but did NOT race it three times are given this one-week hold through Jan. 5.

:wink: F. In Midwest Division, we sell only a single block of numbers - no differentiation is made between National/Regional. Also, owners of rental cars may purchase permanent numbers for their fleet.

:oops: G. You must be a member of a MiDiv region to purchase a permanent number. That MiDiv region does not need to be your region-of-record for points purposes, but you must at least be a dual member of a MiDiv region.

:twisted: Anyone purchasing a permanent number owns it for all classes in that race group. For example if you own both a T2 and an SM and have the same number on both, they are both in Group 3 and you need to buy it only once. On the other hand, you have a Miata you plan to race in both SM and ITA, that is two different race groups and you need to buy the number separately in each group.

:( Keep in mind - when you purchase a permanent number all that does is give you the opportunity to get your entry in early and be reasonably assured that you will probably get your number. In the Supplemental Regulations in each entry, there is a date which is the number cut-off date. If you register after that date, someone may have already claimed "your" number. Also, all races do not necessarily group the classes according to MiDiv�s race groups.

:roll: Also, we find the need to remind drivers that in National Racing as well as in the I.T. Tour, year-end Championship awards are presented to eligible top-3 drivers in all classes. To be eligible a driver must have at least three starts in classs in MiDiv races (out-of-division races do not fulfill this second requirement).

:?: If there are any questions or you need the Permanent Number/Mid-Am forms, please call or e-mail me.

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