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Costs going up

Postby bbetting » Mon Dec 14, 2009 7:11 am

Why, when all expenses are going up, would the MIDIV Exective Commettee consider raising the trophy fund? They have all ready raised fees once and are now thinking of raising them again. Yes it's only $4.00 and anybody could afford that, but with all other expenses going up and for many of us having our income going down shouldn't we be trying to hold the line or even lower overall costs. For many of us we only have a set amount to spend. When that amount is gone we stop racing for the season. For each of us that point is different, but it is there. How many of us have seen reduced fields at our races? It is a downward sprial. Fewer racers leads to more boring races which leads to fewer workers which leads to cancelled races. Call your RE's and put a stop to this trend. Only you can stop it.
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