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Postby PFM Racing » Wed Mar 17, 2004 8:46 pm

Come and join us, PFM Racing is again sponsoring the double drivers school. Again, workers and drivers will be receiving hats!

Please stop by and say hi to Jude and I, we would love to meet you.


If you need any help, let us know!


Jennifer Rudder
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PFM Racing
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Postby ishod » Thu Mar 18, 2004 8:05 am

#33 1st Gen RX7 - Yellow / Black (Yellow / Blue if I get the time). If anyone gets there without crew and needs a hand or a tool look me up, I'll help if/when I have the time.

Scott Goble
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Postby PKnese » Thu Mar 18, 2004 1:14 pm

The car may not be painted, but it'll be there too! :P I can't wait!

Pete Knese
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Postby Speed Raycer » Thu Mar 18, 2004 2:42 pm

Everyone's got their transponders correct? Hate to see someone show up for the school and forget about them.

Oh... I found out my number info so now it's official

Scott Rhea
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IT7 #72 :D

Looks like good weather at this point!! (monday)

Scott Rhea
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