Worker Points Posted-are you eligible for your reward NOW?

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Worker Points Posted-are you eligible for your reward NOW?

Postby Gidtup » Tue Jun 12, 2007 5:14 am

These people have 5 or more days:
(for instructions and the form needed go to )
Name (Last, First) Specialty Region Total Days worked
Prokopf, David F&C StL 11
Prokopf, Diane F&C StL 11
Prokoph, Bryon F&C St. Louis 11
Berry, Janet T/S & regis. Ark 9
Braun, N. Barrett Steward St. Louis 9
Miklovic, Linda Reg St. Louis 9
Asselta, Mike F&C KC 8 (1st Person to redeem 5 pts!)
Bowling, John F&C MidS 8
Floyd, Norm Steward Ark 8
Ford, Neava F&C KC 8
Johnson, Bill Steward KC 8
Kish, Anne Steward DMVR 8
Miklovic, Dan Steward St. Louis 8
Bettinger, Bruce T/S Wich 7
Bettinger, Charlene T/S Wich 7
Carr, Tom EV St. Louis 7
Haines, Ted Steward St. Louis 7
Hall, Frank Starter St. Louis 7
Jarecke, Vicki Pit/Grid/Regis NEOk 7
Keith, Ken F&C KC 7
Ragan, Gini T/S KC 7
Walker, Mark Steward Nebraska 7
Baer, Brad T/S St. Louis 6
Baer, Patricia T/S St. Louis 6
Carson, Christopher Pit/Grid MidS 6
Chapman, Linda Starter MidSouth 6
Cheatham, Gene F&C MidSouth 6
Clark, Alexandra F&C 6
Eddy, Judy Hospitality 6
Fisher, Lyle (Buzz) Steward KC 6
Keith, Chris F&C KC 6
Kish, Jack Steward DMVR 6
Patterson, Ken Steward 6
Pfautz, Judi Race Chairman Wich 6
Pfautz, Keith Starter Wich 6
Shaw, Monica F&C DesMoines Valley 6
Shaw, Ron F&C DesMoines Valley 6
Stinehelfer, Ann Marie Registration 6
Trier, Michael F&C DesMoines Valley 6
Bentzinger, Robert Radio St. Louis 5
Bohler, Dave Gird St. Louis 5
Borgstede, Lloyd Grid St. Louis 5
Burkett, Sheila Reg St. Louis 5
Cohn, Carol RegistrationSt. Louis 5
DeProw, Chuck Retention St. Louis 5
Duffy, Sarah Tech St. Louis 5
Hollinghead, Michael F&C St. Louis 5
Knoll, Ginny Grid St. Louis 5
Rick, Jan Race Chairman St. Louis 5
Safranek, Chris Tech NR 5
Stephens, Bruce Tech St. Louis 5
Tryson, Daryl Starter St. Louis 5
Venegoni, Cesare Grid St. Louis 5
Janice Rick
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Postby mazdamike » Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:33 am

"In the errors and ommisions category", I do not find my name anywhere.
Unless some events do not count (??), (as of 6/12) I worked:

March 10 - 11 MMP
April 29 GIR
May 19 - 20 MAM
May 26 - 27 MMP

Byington, Mike F & C STL 7

and since "6/12" I have added:

June 16 - 17 HPT

for a "current total" of 9.
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Postby Gidtup » Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:23 am

Mike at this time I think you have 10 days logged in.

The names above are only the names that were showing enough to redeem AwardWear at the time.

To all workers:
The most current will be be sent to be posted by Jeff Kopp on the MiDiv Website under the Worker Progam soon.

Some info was just received by Jennifer and will be posted soon. (everyone involved has been trying to get this info in and up to date with as much available time as they have - remember we are all voulenteer workers)

As soon as it is updated we will get it posted for you.

If you wish to redeem now - just list the dates you worked on the redemption form and send it in to me. I will send it off for your AwardWear as soon as I get the worksheet.

We want to make this as easy as possible for all of you.

I hope we are accomplishing that for all of you!
Janice Rick
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