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Worker Redemption Quick Overview

Postby Gidtup » Thu Jul 19, 2007 7:17 pm

2007 MiDiv Recruitment & Retention Worker Program

Short History
First the Goal was defined.
Develop a sustainable, long range program that will be a factor in the retention and recruitment of more workers for Club Racing Events in the Mid West Division.

Then the committee set the Objective:
Retain and recruit more workers for Mid West Division Club Racing Events

A key element of this plan is personal contact by everyone in the Division. The entire committee believes that the only way that a person is successfully retained or recruited is through personal contact. People show up for the racing, they stay for the friendships they make. The plan has two sides; Recruitment and Retention. The retention portion for AwardWear is outlined here.

How does it work?
Each MiDiv Worker gets a �credit� for each full day they work. This is reported by the race Retention Chief from each track to the Divisional Recruitment & Retention Chief, Jennifer Igou for logging on to a master worksheet. Discrepancies communicated to Jennifer are fixed as soon as possible. The worksheet is also posted on the MiDiv website. It will be updated as often as possible. But, if all your workdays are not shown, but you have reached a redemption level, send the form it. Mark the days on the form where is it asked and we will verify it once the Retention Chief send the worker list in.

After a worker gets 5 credits they can redeem them for a level 1 item, or can wait until they have 12 credits for a level 2 item or even wait until they have 20 credits for the level 3 item. Credits can ONLY be earned, they can not be bought or traded.

Level 1 has shirts and corner worker whites. Level 2 adds some jackets and Level 3 features the heaviest jackets. Each items will proudly display the MiDiv logo, and be personalized with the workers name, region and specialty. All of this is done in 1st quality embroidery.

The redemption form and the catalog of all items is posted on the MiDiv website at . Items will be sent to the workers home track�s retention chiefs to be awarded at the next race.

Each driver that enters a MiDiv race pays for these awards. Drivers have always valued the MiDiv Workers and now this is a great way of showing it!

Thanks to all the workers and we hope to see all of you at the races with new AwardWear clothing soon!

Janice Rick
MiDiv Recruitment & Retention Committee Chairman
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