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Garry and Robin Deaton of NEOKLA Region will present the
on Saturday, April 30. Registration will be at the HARP'S
parking lot in Locust Grove, OK from 11:30am to 12:30pm.
The mandatory competitor's meeting will be at 12:40pm.
The "caravan style" ODO RUN will begin at 1:01pm.

This Regional Touring TSD RoadRally has been declared as a points counter for the MIDIV Divional RoadRally Series.

It also counts for points in the NEOKLA Region's 2005 RoadRally Series.

The rally itself will be a timed event with
written instructions. The rallymaster will be using
the "K.I.S.S." or "Keep It Simple, Stupid" philosophy
by purposely using speeds that have easy to calculate
factors. In addition, some instructions will have the
perfect elapsed time to that point shown. Those that
do not wish to calculate can simply compare the
elapsed times to the perfect elapsed times and adjust
their rate of speed accordingly. The speeds will, for
the most part, be in the slow to moderate range to aid
the "first time" rallyists.

The course will feature the rolling Ozark
foothills bounded by Spavinaw to the north and
Peggs to the south. This area has good to very good,
quality serpentine roads with some picturesque scenery.

The ODO RUN will take the rallyists to Salina
for a quick tour of the Chouteau Museum. It is
just under two hours to the rest break from the
museum. The rally finishes about an hour after the
rest break in the Locust Grove area. Awards will be
presented at the Country Cottage Buffet in Locust Grove.

The next NEOKLA RoadRally event will be Ken Olinger's WARPATH REDUX
to be held on June 18.
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