2008 SPS MiDiv RallyCross Series #1 - Memphis

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2008 SPS MiDiv RallyCross Series #1 - Memphis

Postby FireballPhil » Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:12 pm

I sincerely apologize for getting this event notice out this late. We are working real hard to make this event a good one. Also, I would like to give the Nebraska region many thanks for delaying their event a month so that the Mid-South Region can this one in.

Go to our web site, www.midsouthscca.org and click on the banner for more information. Or go to our forum notice: http://www.midsouthscca.org/index.php?n ... opic&t=305

Thank you for your time and I certainly hope that you can join us.

Phil Harris
MidSouth Region
Memphis, TN

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