Plans for MiDiv Convention

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Plans for MiDiv Convention

Postby Gidtup » Fri May 25, 2007 10:24 am

I would like to know how the MiDiv Exectutive Group would like the Covention structured.

In the past we have had a social on Friday night - then on Sat. has various meetings/seminars and then at 1PM we held the Exectutive Meeting.
We then had a dinner at about 7PM

I need some ideas for this years event. Many feel that the 1PM Exectutive Meeting runs out of time. Where do we put it?

In the past we have tried to include Solo, Rally and the other SCCA programs, but this is primarily and Club Race Meeting, so do we still want to try to attract the other programs.

Feed back would be appreciated on this please
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Postby Chuck Clark » Tue May 29, 2007 10:27 am


Personally, I would prefer to see the Exec Meeting start first on Saturday, so if it runs longer than expected, we can still get all of our business done during the convention.

There are a couple of things we can do to help insure we get through all of the business on time, such as having a pre-set agenda out to all of the REs several weeks prior to the convention (I'll take care of this) and having more of the scheduling work done beforehand. Maybe we could have a 2nd scheduling conference call the week prior to the convention to iron out any last minute changes.

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Postby spitfire4gp » Sun Jun 10, 2007 11:14 pm

First, this is a Midwest Division Convention -- not a MiDiv Club Racing Convention or anything that suggests it is only open to or applicable to or relevant to only a limited (or elitist?) segment of the club. The convention is an opportunity that should bring the various elements of the club together.

Long long ago in an era far far away the ExCo meeting was Sunday morning, and it was a conclave limited to just the REs and other officials -- mostly because it was scheduled to be somewhat inaccessible to other conventioneers (it also was held in a small room; a perk was that breakfast was usually provided). Moving it to Saturday afternoon made it accessible to all -- IMHO a good thing as it made more transparent the workings of MiDiv.

In the early days, the ExCo meeting primarily functioned to set the race schedule. In more recent times we have found any number of other issues to command our attention -- issues worthy of our time and attention I might add. So I would suggest this:

1. We hold our preliminary scheduling meeting early September as we have been doing -- via teleconference.

2. We hold a second, FINAL (almost) scheduling meeting, again via teleconference, about a week or so before convention -- late October. At this time we firm up the schedule EXCEPT for those dates which need some sort of negotiation or adjustment.

3. The MiDiv ExCo meeting at the convention primarily focuses on non-scheduling items -- which, by the way, are the items which will more affect the membership (events happen when they happen, but you want to change a rule or policy that affects those events?). The ONLY scheduling items addressed are those unsettled or in conflict, in hopes that by then the discussion will primarily be announcement of resolutions.

Beyond that -- have the various seminars and town halls as per usual. But please DO NOT have the primary racing town hall and solo town hall at the same time. Doing that separates people rather than brings them together -- and you likely would have REs attending who really need to go to both in order to represent his/her constituency properly. And if you do a similar session for rally and/or rallycross, give it its own time as well.

Something like: 8:30 Rally/Rallycross town hall session with perhaps a couple of side seminars that focus on race or solo (something for people to attend who do not need to deal with the business of rally/rallycross. 9:45 Solo session, with side seminars that focus on rally or race stuff. 11:00 Club Race session with side seminars dealing with rally or solo.

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