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Postby FireballPhil » Sun Jan 02, 2005 6:51 pm

Drew and myself have taken on the task of selling BD Hicks' parts inventory. As you know, BD passed away this past summer and left almost a garage full of parts. These parts came off cars that he acquired when he was racing Miatas for fun and profit. What I have listed below is what Drew and I think would be parts that the Spec Miata crowd would use. We have other parts too and those will be posted at a later date. Right now I am only set up to take cash, money order, or cashiers check (no personal checks please unless you are on a local bank in the Memphis, TN area). I am trying to get my PayPal account organized properly for transactions but it is a slow process so far. If you are local or want to make the trip to Memphis, you can see all of the parts in person all you have to do is contact me and we can make arrangements. BD's garage is in Lakeland, TN. And lastly, if I have to ship any parts, they will be at buyer's expense. I will be using FedEX/Kinkos unless I am specified otherwise, again, at buyer's expense. Below is the list and my contact information is at the end of the list.
Thanks for looking and your consideration,
Drew Kellett and Phil Harris

Drive train parts:
1994-1997 complete transmission, qty 1,$400.00
1994-1997 transmission w/broken shifter housing, qty 3, $250.00 each
1990-1993 1600 open rear-end, qty 1, $250.00
1994-1997 repaired differential carriers, qty 2, $50.00 each
1994-1997 1800 right rear hub, qty 1, $30.00
1990-1993 rear axles, qty 10, $75.00 each
1994-1997 rear axles, qty 3, $75.00 each
1990-1993 1600 drive shaft, qty 3, $75.00 each
1994-1997 1800 drive shaft, qty 1, $75.00
1990-1993 1600 power frame, qty 4, $100.00 each

Computer and Electrical parts:
1990-1993 ECU, yellow, qty 3, $100.00each
1994-1997 ECU, gray, qty 3, $100.00each
1999- + ECU, green, qty 2, $100.00each

Engine and Related parts:
1990-1993 stock 1600 down pipe, qty 2, $40.00each
(I have other engine parts but do not know the prices of them at this time, check back later)

Exterior parts:
1990-1997 inner bumper support, slight damage, qty 2, $40.00each
1990-1997 drivers� door, used, white, complete w/glass, qty 1, $175.00
1990-1997 drivers� door, used, red, complete w/glass, qty 1, $175.00
1990-1997 drivers' door, new, very slight damage, qty 2, $100.00each

Lighting parts:
1990-1997 head light motors $50.00
1990-1997 head light door assembly $100.00
1990-1997 amber & red side marker $10.00
1990-1997 turn signal light $25.00

Suspension and Brake parts:
1990-1997 lower A-arm, 2 Left Front, $75.00each
1990-1997 lower A-arm, 3 Left Rear, $75.00each
1990-1997 rear spindles, 2 Right, $50.00each
1990-1997 front spindles, 1-right & 1-left $50.00each
1990-1993 master cylinder, new in box, qty 1 $25.00
1994-1997 1800 front rotor, in box, qty 1, $5.00

We also have available expert transmission rebuild, differential rebuild and suspension installation and setup.
Please contact us at the following phone number or email addresses:
(901) 550-1071

Phil Harris
MidSouth Region
Memphis, TN

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