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Postby vjrcr » Sat Nov 07, 2009 1:47 pm

Points for 2009 have been added to the Volunteer Section of the Midiv Website. Please check to see if your points for the 2009 season are accurate. If not, please let one of us know.

There have been two new items added: a Midiv T-Shirt and Gift Cards. If you have not received this information via email from your DA, the order form is also posted on the website.

We are currently working on swapping points for registration for the Midiv Convention to be held in February 2010, so you might want to save a few if you plan to attend. I am expecting the point value to be 10, but have not heard what the registration fee will be at this time.

Thanks for your race weekends this past year. Without your help, there would be little or no racing in the Mid-West Division.

Vicki Jarecke & Janet Berry
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