Lotus Elevens racing in the Mid West Div in the '60's

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Lotus Elevens racing in the Mid West Div in the '60's

Postby RHoenig » Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:18 am

Hi there from the hills of western Pa. I have been researching Lotus Eleven history for 40+ years and am currently trying to find info on #328, S-2 LeMans. This car came out of Texas in '70 or '71, and from its roll bar design, was active up to the mid '60's. None of the '60's, Texan, Eleven owner/drivers remember or can recognize this car, so have expanded the search for info into your region. Of special interest is Ed French racing both an Eleven and an Elva out of Kansas City Mo. in the late '50's early '60's. I have only 1 pic of French's Eleven which shows an Series 2 Eleven LeMans, full width windscreen, front brake ducts, mag wheels, and headrest.
The questions for the membership are:
Does anyone remember or have any info on Ed French?
Is there an unofficial historian for your division that would have access to entry lists?
Are there archives froom that time period?
Any thoughts, leads, and recollections about French or other Eleven owner/drivers would be greatly appreciated.

All have a great day and many thanks,
Russ Hoenig
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Summerville, Pa

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