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Postby QuicRic » Wed Nov 03, 2004 3:30 pm

Where do I find the listing of categories of awards given away at the Convention? Do members get to vote? Just a curious rookie on who makes the decisions on the awards.
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Postby KelleyHux » Mon Nov 15, 2004 6:51 pm

Ric ...

There are only a few awards which are actually presented at the MiDiv Convention.

The MidAm Driver of the Year - earned by Chris Albin of the Southern Illinois Region. DoTY points are earned during the year at MidAm regionals.

The MiDiv Worker of the Year - awarded to Dave Whitworth of the St. Louis Region for 2004. Dave is recognized for his substantial contributions to the divisional Solo II program over the past year.

In 2002, the MiDiv Executive Committe created the "Worker of the Year" award. Below is the resolution voted on by the Committee:

"An award to be given to an active member of any region in good standing in the Midwest Division. It would not be mandatory that the award be given each year. The award would be handed out at the Midwest Division Convention awards dinner. Nominations would be made by members of any region in good standing in the Midwest Division. A short recap of the nominee's efforts in a divisional activity during the year must be included with the nomination. The nominee could work in any activity within the division, but the award must be based on efforts at a divisional event - a divisional rally, divisional (Solotime) autocross, or a club racing school, regional or divisional event. Nominations would be sent to the Executive Committee Chairperson."

The England-Stipe Award - Ron Sharp of the Des Moines Valley Region. This award recognizes long-term contribution to the division. Ron has served in a variety of positions during his 40-year career with MiDiv, most recently as the MiDiv and National Driver Licensing Administrator. This award is chosen by the three previous recipients.

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