2008 "Solo Stats" is ready

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2008 "Solo Stats" is ready

Postby spitfire4gp » Sun Dec 14, 2008 3:00 pm

The 2008 edition of �Solo Stats� is ready to go to the printer, just in time (barely) for Christmas.
�Solo Stats� is my book of data, records and statistics from the SCCA Solo Nationals, now more than 450 pages! It includes things like the top-10 lists of most championships, most trophies, winning streaks, smallest/largest victory margins and other stuff by individuals and regions, the infamous Who�s Who lifetime points rankings of the to10% of those who have driven the Nationals, career records of the Silver Circle (those who have competed in 25 or more Nationals), lists of all the drivers from YOUR Region who have ever won his/her class, a brief history of the sport, and of course the Alpha Lists which sets down the competition record of every one of the 7,042 drivers who have ever turned a wheel on a Nationals course since 1973.
It is the ultimate reference to the Nationals. I began keeping the records because as a journalist I needed the data to cover the Nationals, and I began publishing the book because people discovered I had the data and wanted a copy. I don�t do it for the money -- I probably don�t make enough profit each year to buy a tire for my race car. I do it because a few people want it.
Every copy also includes a special �Your Personal Record� section, in which every run you�ve ever made at Nationals is recorded along with all records you are part of.
Would you like a copy? Just send an e-mail to me at rocky@spitfire4.com with your name, address and phone number. If you plan it as a gift, tell me whose Personal Record I should include. The cost is $49 -- you pay from an invoice that comes with the book.
I plan to print the first run on Tuesday and ship almost immediately after. Anyone wanting one for Christmas should order now. --Rocky Entriken
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