2010 Midiv Convention - Solo Roundtable Notes

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2010 Midiv Convention - Solo Roundtable Notes

Postby donnah » Sun Feb 21, 2010 5:07 pm

As promised - here are the notes I jotted during the roundtable discussion.

Online - make sure you set up with weekend membership option
Smiles :)

Hardcards - instruct EVERYONE about hardcards. Waiver does NOT have to be signed if valid hardcard is presented. As long as bearer agrees to wear hardcard visible at all times, no wristband needs to be worn.
Training - chief of Waivers needs to be sure they have trained all waiver workers
Laminate a sample MINOR WAIVER and have it laminated to make it EASIER and FUNNER for those needing MWs.
Suggested to boost attendance at some OTHER region event - offer to have MINOR WAIVERS there and to execute an ANNUAL MINOR WAIVER and laminate it.
FAQ sheet

GRID - let T&S know when you have someone who CANNOT stage and sit (some mod cars and prepared cars)
Do a countdown for drivers from 5 cars.

TECH - inconsistencies
Annual tech - do you? Annual techs should include agreement that spot checks can and will be done - and that modifications affecting any safety checks will be re-teched

NEWBIES -institute a HEAT MENTOR - an experienced driver who will ride along/mentor/talk to NEWBIES in a heat.
All 1st time entrants - give them a $$$ off coupon for their next event.

COURSE - chalklines!!!!!
Communicate with T&S regarding the start - staging area. Can they see? Does it work for them, too?
Jim Rowland (Ozark Mtn) jim20 at hotmail dot com - provided a GREAT handout for course design considerations. THANK YOU, Jim!

REGION NEWSLETTERS - add event results for every event. Includes WEEKEND members in the mailing list for 3 issues.

Thank you to everyone attending. This session was one of the most popular and definitely one the most well-attended! Maybe we'll get at least TWO hours next year & can go further in the discussions!!!

See you on April 24 in Neosho!
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Postby Bruce Bettinger » Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:24 am

Sounds like some good ideas came out of this session. Sorry I missed it. Seems no matter how many of these things I go to there is never my perfect schedule.
Bruce (Lost in Kansas) Bettinger
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