Salina Evo Schools – April 17-19

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Salina Evo Schools – April 17-19

Postby spitfire4gp » Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:09 pm

Salina Region is scheduling a 3-day Evolution School this year at our East Crawford Recreation Area site. Registration is open now at
• Friday April 17 – Phase 1
• Saturday April 18 – Phase 2
• Sunday April 19 – Challenge School
These are excellent schools with top-drawer instructors, most of them National Champion and National trophy-winning drivers. While you are on course, you are 1:1 with your instructor.
Phase 1 is the basics, Phase 2 is advanced techniques, and the Challenge School is where you prove how good you are (or how good they’ve made you) by going out and beating your instructor.
Price is $260 for one school, $200 for additional schools.
To sign up, go to, scroll down to the calendar. Plug in your zipcode (or Salina’s 67401) and the three Salina schools should pop up to the top of the list.
If you want multiple schools (and the $60 discount), sign up for the lowest-rank (earliest) school you want, then tick the checkbox at the bottom of the form for the additional schools. You need to do Phase 1 before you can do Phase 2.

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