Mid Am Bonus points race in 2011 with a "new twist"

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Mid Am Bonus points race in 2011 with a "new twist"

Postby FlyingWrench75 » Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:30 pm

Nebraska Region SCCA would like to invite everyone (racers and officials alike) to the first Annual Cornhusker Fall Sprints, which will be held at Motorsports Park Hastings in October. This will be the Mid Am Bonus points race for 2011. While the final details and scheduling are still pending, there will be a qualifying session, 3-10 lap sprint races, in which accumulative points will reward the first regional winner of the weekend, then the finale, which will be a 17 lap event for the second regional points (and bonus points if applicable) If you've never made the trip to Hastings, it's a great facility, and George always throws a great party on Saturday night. There will be plenty of track time for the racers, and it'll be a great way to end the season!!!!!...................It will be a "Must Attend" event for Mid-Div racers in 2011, look forward to seeing everyone there............................SC
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