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Postby KelleyHux » Thu Jan 20, 2005 6:07 pm

Drivers ...

For many years the Midwest Division has presented the MiDiv National Points champion with a nice personalized leather directors chair. Several drivers have earned many of these chairs over the years. Does everyone like them? Do you think there are other types of awards which should be looked at? These are fairly expensive, but if the drivers like them, we can probably continue to award them.

Second and third place award winners have received personalized leather campstools. Again, I ask does everyone like them? Should we investigate other options? If so, what would you like? (Cash is out of the question ... :) )

Currently MiDiv requires a driver to start three in-division national events to qualify for a year-end award. That's less that 30% of the MiDiv nationals conducted each year. Is that an appropriate number? Should MiDiv be looking at asking our drivers to start a minimum of four in-division events each year?

The primary impetus for these questions and opening this discussion is because the national entries are declining, while expenses for the trophies continue to increase.

Please, visit with your Regional Executive and give him/her your opinions. They are the ones who have a vote on the matter as members of the MiDiv Executive Committee.

If you want to pass along your comments to me, please send them to pointskeeper <at> I can gather inputs and share with the regional executives.

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