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FIA Flagging

Postby missneava » Thu May 24, 2007 8:06 am

There is another push for FIA flagging rules in SCCA.

I am asking those of you who do not want to see FIA flagging in SCCA Club Racing it to write the Board of Directors. This should come up for a vote in August.

I do not believe we need FIA flagging because we are our own organization. However, that will not be a good enough reason for the BOD.

My reasons for not wanting this rules change has to do with staffing and drivers. We do not have enough staffing, especially in Midiv to institute additional flags to our stations. The requirement of waving a green flag at the following station after a yellow flag will add undue hardship to our already overstressed F/C workers.

Also since we are finding everyone of our tracks eliminating at least one corner station due to staffing, the passing zones for drivers using FIA flagging will be greatly reduced.

If you write the Board to express your opinion either way, remember you must include your member number.

Thank you,

Neava Ford
Kansas City Region
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