GATEWAY (now) Motorsports Park, NOW OPEN!

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GATEWAY (now) Motorsports Park, NOW OPEN!

Postby mazdamike » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:44 pm

The 16 month long saga of the death and resurection of GATEWAY is over! On Saturday 3/17 the track officially re-opened with a Drag Test & Tune!

I'm sure some of you have been keeping up with the news here in St. Louis, and pretty soon we will be back to taking for granted a local track. On March 3rd racers and fans across the spectrum of motor sports, Drag, Oval, Road Course, Drifting, PDX, SOLO, etc., came together for a work party to ready the facility opening day. Approx. 80 in total re-built tire walls, raked up leaves and trash, pulled weeds and trees, weed-eated, cut grass, and spread nearly 300 gallons of paint.

A week later on March 10th St. Louis Region hosted a "Kick-Off / Open House" for the general public to take a look, and for the club to perform numerous tech inspections for SOLO and Club Racers, sign up new members, and talk up our various activities. NHRA also held Chassis Certifications to get many of the local racers up to date. Because everyone signed a waiver on the way in, we know that over ONE THOUSAND racers and fans showed up!

Normal activities will resume this Saturday the 17th with Test & Tune Drag Racing. On the schedule so far during the year it will again be home to ADRL, NHRA, NASA, BDRA, Monster Mopar, and several more, including the full range of SCCA activities, SOLO, PDX, Club Racing, Street Survival, etc.. Nobody liked sitting out a year and the enthusiasm seems to keep building. Hopefully you will once again put "Gateway" in your plans this season. Follow the link below for a thread that tells the story of the last 30 days; and the beginning of a new, brighter future for racing in St. Louis.
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