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Postby chuck schultz » Sat Feb 14, 2004 7:36 pm

Hi, Ken.

Well, the dates we'll need help the most, this year, will be our SARRC weekend, july 10-11, I believe, and the October Grand Am race.

Speaking of Grand Am, I was reminded, today, of this year's Rolex 24, where one of the Brumos Fabcar drivers was seen with a rag on a stick, so he could reach to and clean the inside of the windscreen.

We had so much rain, here, in the last couple days at Roebling's double drivers school, that at least one Baby Grand (SPU) car had a squeegee inside the cockpit, to use as an inner wiper blade.

I came down to get some days on my sound control worker log, but I ended up working a corner, along with the SEDiv DA for sound control. This brings us full circle to the original subject of this thread, the difficulty of getting enough race workers for any event.

Sorry I missed y'all at Atlanta last year, but if you come down to Barber for a 4-wheel event this summer, odds are I'll be there.
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Postby karlt10 » Mon Apr 05, 2004 7:59 pm

I know for myself it gets to be a case of 'same-old same-old'. Cars, events, etc. I think I was spoiled in that my first event at HPT included Vintage. That was back in '93 and I don't think I've seen Vintage there since.

Things like no showers is a big deal. Unless it is just plain nasty storms or unreal heat, I will usually choose to camp. If I go hiking for a couple of days in the middle of nowhere, I do not expect there to be showers- when I am in the middle of a modern racing facility 5 mins from a major metropolitan area, I do expect a shower.

St. Louis- last I heard, no camping. Just because I can get a motel room does not mean I want to. Should be places for workers & others to camp. Major reason StL is not on my short-list for events. They do not have worker-accessable showers, but the truck-stop does which is not bad.

MAM - They MUST GET GRAVEL IN THE CORNER STATIONS. At the first MVRG event this year, Ken, Chuck and myself spent Saturday ankle-deep in mud at station 5. I was a little jealous when at lunch I saw a couple of other stations did have enough gravel.

No, I do not expect the region to pay for hotels; not a reasonable expectation at all. Dinner is usually pretty darn good at all places. I bring my own lunch, so that is non issue.

Always be sure to account for non-beer drinkers, which I will say HPT, StL, Hallett, etc. all seem to do.

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