Autocross (Solo)

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In a Solo competition (SCCA’s term for an Autocross), drivers compete over a relatively low-speed course marked by pylons (traffic cones), but you are still trying to go as fast as you can, and hitting a pylon adds 2 seconds to your time. In an average Solo competition, a driver gets 3-5 runs, but usually no practice. A walk through the course (or several) is the only look a driver gets. No special safety gear is required beyond a helmet, and loaner helmets are usually available. Solo has 43 classes for cars in Stock, Street Touring, Street Prepared, Street Modified, Prepared or Modified trim (including 125cc shifter karts), plus a parallel 43 Ladies classes. Many Regions also have added classes for novice drivers or cars running on street tires. In addition, SCCA has added Solo competition for drivers as young as five years old in three classes of junior karts. Often two or more drivers share a single car. Beyond the Regional level, MiDiv conducts the Solo Performance Specialities/R&S Racing Midwest Division Solo Championship series which brings together drivers from throughout the division. Drivers must be members to compete in the Solo Performance Specialities/R&S Racing series. The ultimate goal for autocrossers is the Tire Rack SCCA Solo Nationals, conducted every September in Lincoln, Neb.