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The Midwest Division (MiDiv) is one of nine geographic divisions within the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), covering an area from the Mississippi River to the High Plains, from the Black Hills to the Red River. SCCA is divided into Divisions for competition purposes, and further into Regions which are the local clubs within SCCA. There are 14 Regions within the Midwest Division. The Midwest Division Operations Manual can be found HERE. To learn more about the Regions in your locale, or to find local contacts, go to the Links page and click on the Region names.
In addition to Divisions, SCCA is also divided into Areas for representation purposes on the national Board of Directors, which is the legislative body and ultimate authority of SCCA. There are 13 Areas, each with a director elected bv the membership within that Area. The most populous Divisions are further sorted into multiple Areas, but the Midwest Division in its entirety comprises Area 6. To learn more about SCCA, go to

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