Track Events

As part of some road racing weekends a Region may offer a non-competitive Track Event (formerly known as a Performance Driving Experience or PDX), in which just about any legal adult with a driver’s license can lap the race track at speed (almost) in their street cars. Membership or Weekend Membership is required. The only required safety equipment, beyond stock seatbelts, is a Solo-legal helmet. Operated as a driving school, the purpose of the clinic is to teach car control in a high-performance environment (“high performance” has more to do with the level of driving skill than with the cars). Participants may get as much as two hours of track time during one Track Event. Rigid safety rules are imposed including strictly enforced passing zones only on straightaways, and passing protocols (the leading driver must wave you by). The longest straights may have chicanes added to hold down top speed, but corners are the same for the TE as for the race drivers. A TE is a way anyone can get a taste of performance driving without actually laying out the budget to go racing. Beyond the TE, members can step up to the similar but competitive Time Trials events including the Midwest Division Time Trials Series, and in other parts of the country, Hillclimbs.