Midwest Division Reserved Numbers

The entire 2020 MiDiv reserved numbers list: Download
The 2020 MiDiv reserved numbers application form: Download
The entire 2020 Majors reserved numbers list: CLICK HERE
(Mid-States Conference list is at the bottom)

Group 1 [Bigbore] — °GTX, GT1, GT2, GT3, AS, T1, *SP, *GTA, *ITE
Group 2 [Smallbore] — GTL, EP, FP, HP, B-spec
Group 3 [Street Tire] — STU, STL, T2, T3, T4, *ITR, *ITS, *ITA
Group 4 [Spec Miata Etc.] — SM, *SM5, *ITB, *ITC
Group 5 [Wings & Things] — FA, FC, FE2, FX, P1, P2, *ASR, *PX *FS *FE
Group 6 [Small Formula] — FF, FV, F500, SRF3, *SRF, *CF, *FST, *Legends
° Majors class but not Runoffs-eligible — * Divisional-only (non-Runoffs) class

For 2020 the MiDiv class groupings are aligned with the Majors groupings, and then the non-Runoffs classes are added in. While these are recommended as minimum groupings for MiDiv Races, individual races may group classes as best fits their program.

A new Runoffs-eligible class in 2020 is FX (which incudes FM and F4 cars and some F2000s); FM is no longer a separate class. FB is now included in FA. A new non-runoffs class is PX (includes DP and GTP cars). FE is now a regional-only class. Gone is IT7.

Ownership of a reserved number is not a guarantee of being able to use that number at any given race. It is recommended drivers have alternate numbers in mind with a plan of how to change it so it is most legible to timing, corners, etc. The easiest alternative may simply be to add a “1” to the front of the number. 1-plus numbers will not be sold in MiDiv but are allowed in the GCR.

At the end of the season, MidAm Championship awards are sent to the drivers’ Regional Executives for presentation at Regional award banquets. A driver must finish top-3 in class and make at least three starts in MiDiv races at two tracks sanctioned by two different Regions in the same class to be eligible for awards.

Midwest Division reserved numbers are only issued to individuals who are a member of a MiDiv region. Applications for a reserved number are sent out shortly after Thanksgiving each year, which begins a “number season” of approximately two months. Applications go to all MiDiv licensed drivers and any other MiDiv members who owned a number in the previous race season. Rental fleet owners may reserve numbers for their cars. Numbers may be purchased at any time until Sept. 1, after which all sales cease until the  next “number season” begins. Those drivers who raced their number at least three times in the previous race season will have that number held for renewal until the end of the “number season,” those who did not race at least three times will have that number held for approximately 10 days. Drivers seeking a new number may call or e-mail for a courtesy one-week hold on any available number.

If you have questions, or did not receive your 2020 renewal letter, please contact me.

Rocky Entriken
MiDiv Pointskeeper