VROOM Volunteer Program Description

Vroom, the MiDiv Club Racing Volunteer Program
The Goal and objective of the MiDiv Club Racing Program is to develop a long-range program that will be a factor in the retention and recruitment of volunteers for the Club Racing Events in the Mid-West Division.

How does it work?

Each Mid-West Division (Midiv) Volunteer gets 1 credit for each day worked at a Mid-West (Midiv) Division Club Race. This is reported by each race group from each track to the points keeper for logging. Discrepancies communicated are fixed as soon as possible. The points are also posted on the Mid-West Division (MiDiv) website so that each olunteer can check their own points. Each volunteer working a Mid-West Division (Midiv) Club Racing event is automatically signed up for credits. Each volunteer is responsible to check that his/her points are accurate.

A catalog showing various wearable items is viewable through the MiDiv website. Redemption levels are as follows:
Level A = 3 Points Level 1 = 8 Points
Level 2 = 15 Points Level 3 = 25 Points
Gift Cards are also available upon request.

Rules and Guidelines (Effective 3/1/2020)
A. If a Member has not participated in a Mid-West Division Club Race or stand-alone Mid-West Division Time Trial for 5 years their points will expire effective 12/31/2020.
B. If a Member allows their membership to expire all points are lost. If they rejoin within one year, their points will be reinstated one time only.
C. If we lose a Member through death all points will be lost.
D. A member may wish to relinquish any or all of theirĀ  points, if so please notify either Vicki Jarecke (vickijarecke@sbcglobal.net) or Janet Berry (janet@treefrogracing.com).
E. Only Mid-West Division Region of Record members will be eligible for Vroom Point redemptions.
F. If a Trial or Weekend Member does not join within one year, they lose all points.

Send the completed form via snail mail or email to either Janet Berry, 128 Taylor Park Loop, Little Rock AR 72211, janet@treefrogracing.com, or Vicki Jarecke, 2632 W Mt Vernon, Springfield MO 65802, vickijarecke@sbcglobal.net.