A note from our MiDiv Club Racing Points Keeper

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A note from our MiDiv Club Racing Points Keeper

Postby Gidtup » Fri May 18, 2007 5:44 am

as emailed by our MiDiv Club Racing Points Keeper

A small change in the points mailings I send out about once a month. I'm going to stop mailing points updates to every listed regional editor in MiDiv. It simply is not good economics to use Trophy Fund money to print and mail points to editors of regions who no longer produce newsletters. From what I can tell, only six of our 14 regions currently produce newsletters.

I will continue sending the points, and the �Reports� to the editors of Drifting (Des Moines Valley), Offside Undo (Kansas), Checkpoint (Kansas City), Exhaust Notes (Nebraska), The Write Line (Salina) and Witches Wail (Wichita) -- which as far as I can tell are the only newsletters bring produced.

These also will be the only editors receiving e-mail versions.

If there is any other MiDiv region producing a newsletter of which I am not aware, and who would like to receive the points mailings and e-mailings, just let me know and I will add you to the list. I would also like to receive a mailed paper copy of the newsletter.

Also, the points go up on the MiDiv website -- www.midiv.org -- as soon as possible after each race. I only do a �Report� when I prepare a paper mailing, but it too is posted on the website.

Of course, all others on my mailing list (REs, MiDiv ExCo officers, etc.) will continue receiving all mailings.

This also provides me an opportunity to reiterate a long-standing view that regional websites, while an excellent supplement to the newsletter as a regional communications tool, is a poor replacement for the newsletter. Your newsletter is an active communication reaching out to people, while your website sits passively waiting for people to reach out to you. For the most effective communications, you need both.

--Rocky Entriken
MiDiv Pointskeeper
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