2023 MiDiv Time Trials Series Schedule

May 20-21 – KVRG @ Heartland Motorsports Park
July 1-2 – MiDiv/CenDiv @ Brainerd International Raceway (CANCELLED)
July 15-16 – MiDiv @ Ozarks International Raceway
Aug. 12-13 – Nebraska & DMV @ Motorsports Park Hastings (with Enduro races)
Sep. 16 – Nebraska & DMV @ Raceway Park of the Midlands (One-day event) [2x points]

Updates regarding 2023 Season Schedule:
The Brainerd Event has been canceled for us, we will not be racing there this year.  St. Louis is looking at maybe running an event July / August, we will update everyone if it becomes available.  Since Brainerd has been canceled we are still looking at more options to add to schedule for this year.  Ozarks event will be in combination with Time Trials National Tour event. Registration will happen at https://timetrials.scca.com/ through the SCCA website and not motorsportreg.  We will have our classes available to register (still working out details).  If you are in it for season points, please make sure to select the correct production class.  For Motorsport Hastings in August, we will be hosting both our own stand a lone event along with an SCCA Endurance race with a total of 8 hours of racing available. More information to come about this.  Lastly, both Hasting’s and RPM will have track sessions and coaching available at these two events.